Pre-Cath Specifics

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers for Derrick and for us.  There's no way I could ever express how much that means to us.  It gives us great comfort and hope to know that he has so many people praying for him.

As promised (y'all are shocked that I'm on time, aren't you? ;), here are the specific prayer requests for his cath on Tuesday (I'm sure there are others/more, but this is all I can think of right now and should be plenty sufficient!):
  • That his cath goes smoothly.  That his body handles the sedation, intubation, and the procedure without any issues.  (I'm guessing he'll be intubated, he was for the other two, but I'm not 100% sure that will happen.  But just in case...pray it goes well!)
  • That there aren't any surprises in that complicated little heart, and if there is anything different or unforeseen, that it is noticed so there are no surprises when they go in for surgery.
  • That the pressures in his lungs are optimal for surgery.  Actually, that everything is optimal for surgery.
  • That he is calm and that "little surgery" doesn't make him terrified of "big surgery." 
  • That his doctors and everyone involved have clear minds, steady hands, and loving hearts.  That they take great care of our boy and are on their A-game.
  • That he handles the no eating or drinking after midnight without much of a fuss.
  • That Justin and I are calm as we lead up to everything, especially when handing him over, and that we are patient as he comes out of sedation and recovers.  As history has it, Derrick coming out of sedation isn't pretty, so we may need an extra dose of patience.  
  • That we all remember Who is really in charge of all of this, and remain thankful that this is even a possibility for him.
For those of you who are reading this and have no idea what a heart cath is, here's how our paperwork describes it:

 "Heart catheterization is done by inserting a long, narrow, hollow tube called a catheter into an artery and a vein, usually in the thigh near the groin and passing the catheter up the blood vessel into the heart chamber.  Movement of the catheter up the blood vessels and inside the heart is observed on x-ray flouroscopy.  Once the catheter has reached the heart chambers or main blood vessels, samples of blood are withdrawn through it for oxygen analysis and measurement of pressures.  This is followed by the injection of iodine-containing contrast x-ray dye so that movies may be taken of the heart.  Electrical recording and stimulation of the heart may be performed using different catheters if there is a known or suspected problem with the heart rate or rhythm." (MUSC Children's Hospital Pre-Cath Paperwork)

Tuesday is "just a cath," not the big open heart surgery that's looming in the near future.  Of course it doesn't come without risks, but we're confident that he will be covered in prayer and will come through this like a champ.

The plan is to go down tomorrow afternoon and do something (germ-free and) fun.  If nothing else, we'll have some yummy dessert and watch movies in our hotel room...which sounds kinda perfect too.  :)

Thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers. 


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