Pre-Fontan Cath Details & Our Fun Night Out

Monday afternoon we headed down to Charleston to squeeze in something fun before Derrick's cath on Tuesday.  We asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to watch a movie on the "big tv screen."

We decided on Turbo.  After sanitizing the seats like a crazy lady, we settled in for the show.

Justin had to put his leg on D's seat so it wouldn't keep closing on him.  I couldn't stop looking at how adorable these little legs were on that big seat.

It didn't take long before he was ready to crawl in my lap.  I happily snuggled him through the whole movie.

We LOVED Turbo!  It was by far one of the cutest. movies. ever!  He's still talking about it and asking when we can go see it again. 

When the movie ended Derrick ran to the gumball machines (while I'm running behind him yelling, "No! Don't touch!!"  If anyone was around they probably thought I was nuts because I must have said that 30 times at the theater.)  That sweet boy was so disappointed when he realized there were no bouncy balls.  He turned and looked at us and said, "I wanted to get a bouncy ball for Jenny Kate so she would be happy."  How can you say no to that?  So off we went to K-Mart in search of a bouncy ball machine so Derrick could "make JK happy."

They didn't have a bouncy ball machine either, but they did have these:

Derrick was so excited that he could take bouncy balls home to Jen!  (JK has this weird obsession with bouncy balls for some reason.  :)

Derrick had requested that we get a hotel with a big bed that we could all sleep in together.  Once we got there we hung out a little then tried to get some rest.  We enjoyed snuggling in the big bed with our little guy.

The next morning we got up bright and early and headed to the hospital. 

Derrick helped them do an EKG,

put on hospital gown which he HATED the entire time he wore it except in this very moment when I snapped the pic,

decorated Dr. Marshall and everyone within reach with Scooby Doo stickers,

played Temple Run with Daddy,

and had an echo.

By the time 10:30 rolled around Derrick finally realized he was hungry.  We were really hoping that he wouldn't ask about food or drink, but as the time continued on it was bound to happen.  I took him to the bathroom and he said, "Mommy, do you have some bunnies in your bag?"  "No, buddy.  You can't have anything to eat before your cath," I told him.  "But Mommy, I want to go home and get some bunnies!" and he melted.  In the bathroom, he let it all out.  I think his tummy and his nerves got the best of him and he was done.  Thankfully when we got back to his bed the nurse was there with a dose of Versed and it was almost time to go. 

The anesthesiologist did a great Scooby so Derrick thought he was cool.  He had requested that we video him after he got his silly medicine, so we did.  Once he got back and wanted to watch it he was mad that he didn't see his head spinning around.  Ha!

After that they were off.  As they pushed him past Justin he reached out and said, "No Daddy" then started laughing.  He tried to get upset but couldn't.  That makes it easier to let him go.  The lady from Child Life walked beside him with an iPad showing him Scooby all the way down the hall.  No matter how content though, this is a hard part to watch...

We rushed off for food.  Gosh it's hard to wait until 11:00 for food or drink!  We made a BraveHEART Basket delivery then went out to the Horseshoe for some fresh air and to kill time.  We got kind of bored. 

We got an update that IVs were placed, breathing tube was in, and vitals were good.  By the second update the nurse said they would be "rolling" in the next 30 minutes!  Quick cath with no interventions needed.  We were happy!  At 1:15 we were back with our boy.

The goal was for him to sleep until about 2:30.  After a cath you have to lie flat and still for 2 hours.  At about 1:20 he woke up and started trying to sit up.  He was coughing and mad!  They gave him another dose of something to help him sleep and he finally calmed down.  After about 10 minutes he was sleeping so well that his respiratory rate dropped really, really low so his nurse went to move him to help him breathe a little easier.  As soon as she touched him he had a fit!  He was awake, confused, and angry!  We had to keep him flat and still, so we were hunched over his bed trying to keep him calm for the next hour and a half.  He would close his eyes for 10 seconds then open them and cry.  He was junky and raspy from the breathing tube and he was so dopey because the anesthesia hadn't worn off and he had gotten another dose of sleeping meds but was refusing to sleep.  We made it through the next hour and a half (finally!!!) and he was able to sit in my lap, where he finally went to sleep for a little bit. 

He was back and forth between my lap and his bed, but still mad.  Gosh, he was a mess!  We decided that those five hours of recovery were some of the most mentally exhausting hours we've ever had.  He finally got to eat.  We ordered him sausage, eggs, and ice cream and he ate every bit of the sausage and eggs and wanted more.  He was starving!  He went back and forth with being ok and crying, and started getting hysterical about his eye hurting.  Such a strange side effect from a heart cath...eye pain!?  We did some saline drops, removed his IVs as he had another meltdown, and were finally sent home.

This boy was a MESS!

In the car he had another fit and was crying that his eyes "didn't work" which freaked me out!  After I finally got him to tell me that he could indeed see, we convinced him to go to sleep to help his eyes. 

He slept a little while and was a lot less dramatic.  We decided to make a pit stop on the way home for his favorite treat.  He insisted on going inside and he ate an entire doughnut, which may be a record for him! 

We made it home and he was pretty much back to normal.  He was happy to give JK her bouncy balls and I think pretty glad to see her.  Thankfully we all got good rest last night and today was pretty much a normal day.  Derrick woke up coughing this morning and I took him water and he went back to sleep until 9.  He's been in a great mood all day and seems to be feeling completely fine.  We took his bandage off a few hours ago and his site looks good.  Bruised, but really good.  He keeps having me look at it, but I don't think it's bothered him at all.

He got mad earlier that we wouldn't let him ride his bike, so he reluctantly settled for the tricycle instead.  I'd say he's recovered quite well from this "little surgery."  Yay!!

As Justin said yesterday, they said he was a good candidate for the Fontan, which was a huge answered prayer.  The doc said his pressures were great and that he was clear for surgery anytime within the next year and we could do it whenever it suits our family best.  Lets hope the surgical calendar is clear enough to do it soon because this mama can't have it looming much longer!  We're waiting for a call from the surgery scheduler after they decide which surgeon is going to take him.  His surgeon who did his first two surgeries moved to London :(  If we don't hear something by Friday morning I'm calling them myself!

Thank you all so much for your prayers for our family and our boy!  They were most definitely felt and answered.  We have such a great support system and we couldn't ask for better.  We were talking on the way home about how we had an eerily peaceful feeling yesterday, and we know it was from your prayers.  Thank you, thank you!! 

PS It's driving me crazy that all of the pictures are so blurry...sorry!!

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