Pre-Isolation Celebration

It's here...and so far they haven't called to reschedule us.  Yet.  {They better not!}  I was upset when they changed D's cath date back in May, but I have to admit, I've sure enjoyed having the summer for us to all be together and fully enjoy ourselves.

Sunday was our last day at church, and it was a little more emotional than I figured it would be.  It will be a while before we're back at church and that makes us sad.   

After church D requested two tacos.  I knew what that meant.  Ugh.  Taco Bell.  I can't really stomach the thought of that place anymore, but this boy LOVES their tacos.  He always requests two tacos, so I figured at least the calories are high and he needs them, so I gave in and got him the tacos.   He was in heaven.

 After lunch he insisted on trying on his new shirt and proudly came downstairs all dressed.  He even insisted that the shirt be tucked in.  :)

Tuesday was our last day of freedom so we decided to take advantage of the day.  Justin took Derrick to his 4 year well visit (26 lbs!) and JK and I went to the gym.  She got ready herself.  {Y'all may not believe it, but clearly my kids have a spot on Fashion Star in their future!}

JK enjoyed gym time with her bestie.  It will be a while before that happens again too. 

Once we got home we grabbed the boys (sweaty hair and all...clearly!) and headed out to lunch.  We got every body's favorite, San Jose!  Derrick has the cheese dip covered mouth to prove it.  :)

After lunch we cashed in on some Build A Bear gift cards the kids had gotten for their birthdays.  Derrick knew ahead of time that he was building a monkey and once Jenny Kate saw they had a cat her decision was a piece of cake.  That girl loves cats right now!

Derrick stuffed his monkey.

Jenny Kate wouldn't have anything to do with the stuffing, but she did kiss the heart for her. 

I never did get pics of them with their new friends, but this is Dr. Marshall.  We have no idea where the name came from, but Dr. Marshall will be "going into surgery" with Derrick to take care of him.

Jenny Kate was far more interested in picking out accessories for herself than she was in dressing her friend, "KeKe."

KeKe had to take a spin around the store in this cute pink car,

and so did Dr. Marshall. 

We had such a fun time!  KeKe has been by JK's side ever since she got her home.  Dr. Marshall hasn't been as loved because Derrick doesn't like that he's wearing scrubs.  A little change of heart, I guess.  He wanted him to be a doctor, but I guess he doesn't want a doctor at home with him.  I guess Dr. Marshall needs some street clothes. 

Finally, we headed to Coldstone for dessert.  It was so cute how JK put her arm around Derrick as they made their selections.  :)

Pink Lemonade for Jen,

oreo for D,

an ice cream cookie for Justin (this must be where JK gets her lovely photo faces from)

and chocolate with Reese's cups for me.  Yummo!

We had a super fun time out, and now we're in for a while.  We'll head down to Charleston Monday and Derrick is first case in the cath lab Tuesday.  Ugh.  At least we still have a weekend to enjoy before it's time for that.

I'll post some specific prayer requests on Monday because we sure would love your prayers!