A Mini Bucket List & An Unexpected Twist

I like to plan.  Now, I'm definitely a procrastinator, but I like having a plan and knowing what's coming next.  Justin says our calendar is my brain...and he's probably pretty close.   It has been seriously difficult feeling like I could only plan a week or two in advance over the last six months or so.  But thankfully we have a DATE!  I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't change because OMG that would really throw a kink in things.

Especially since we also have another date.

Yep.  Same type of date, different person.  It's Justin this time.  Thankfully it's nothing even remotely close to open heart surgery, but my man has to have some surgery done on his foot.  

On September 18.  

13 days before Derrick's surgery. 

Things could get interesting here at the Carter house.  

Honestly, it's great timing.  Justin will have his surgery the week we go into isolation.  He has a week to be pitiful and lie around then hopefully be feeling good enough to sit around at the hospital for a while.  He'll be out of work for 6 weeks, which will hopefully get us home and settled after Derrick's surgery.  The timing here may not be able to be more perfect.  

We know the timing of all of this is definitely a God thing.   There's no way we could orchestrate all of this on our own.  While it makes me a little nervous, Justin is stoked that he doesn't have to stress about leaving us in Charleston to go back to work (hopefully!!) and he doesn't have to use every bit of his vacation time sitting in the hospital. 

So, since things will really get crazy around here, Derrick came up with a mini, pre-surgery bucket list.  We hope to accomplish many of these things by our last day of freedom on September 16th.

Derrick's bucket list::
1.  Go to Chuck E Cheese
2.  Go see Planes
3.  Have a picnic at the park
4.  Go to the water park
5.  See Poppie, Nona, Jake and Gong Gong 
6.  Go to the library
7.  Go to the zoo
8.  Go camping and roast marshmallows
9.  Have movie and pizza night
10. Go see Epic

We may have to get a little creative with #4 considering this is the last week for the water park and the weather has been a little cool.  I'm not sure why he put #5 on the list since we see them often, but we will make a special trip to see them just because he asked.  So there we have it.  Gotta get that calendar out and start planning!

I know two things that should get crossed off the list tomorrow.  :)



The *F* Word

The call came today.  The date of the day we've been cautiously anticipating for almost FIVE years. 

There's something about that 843 area code showing up on my phone that sends me into a panic.  It's such a strange feeling, that desperation of wanting to know, yet wanting to ignore it in hopes that it will go away. 

 Derrick's *Fontan* will be.....

Tuesday, October 1, 2013.

 As I hung up the phone with the surgery scheduler I looked up and the sky perfectly mirrored my emotions.
I've never seen the sky look like this.  A bright blue sky filled with fluffy, glowing white clouds with really dark grey clouds sprinkled on top.  This picture does it no justice and it probably seems crazy that I'm posting it here, but I need to remember it.  The sky so perfectly represented my feelings.  The relieved to know, the thankful we've made it to this point, the knowledge of a God who has had it all planned perfectly way longer than the five years we've known about.... then there are those dark clouds.  The ones that try to come in and gloom up the day.  Those dark thoughts that I can't help but have run over my happy.  The doubt and the fear and the feeling of helplessness.   It's there.  But by the time I drove into the driveway and was met by two bouncing, squealing little people blowing bubbles in the sunshine, the dark clouds were gone and the white fluff had taken over again.

We're ready.  We're ready to not have the *F* word looming anymore.   We're ready to be post-Fontan like so many of our buddies have become this summer.  We're ready to fill our next three weeks with fun memories to get us through the yuck that's coming.  Let's do this!

And because I must have a picture of at least one sweet face, here are our babies.  How are they so big?!  We had the "blessing of the backpacks" at church on Sunday.  No, neither of them are going anywhere right now but they took their backpacks anyway.  They were SO excited! 

  (The crooked pigtails totally match the personality! :)

Oh, how I love them!!



A Call....Not THE Call

We finally got a call back from MUSC Monday.  It was just A call though....still not THE call.

The lady said we may not get a surgery date until next week.  Bummer.  I told her we had lots of birthday parties and fun things we could be doing this weekend and that I hated to keep my kids stuck on house arrest for no reason.  "Oh, honey.  He won't be having surgery in the next two weeks!  Go on with your normal lives.  It will probably be two to three months before he has surgery."

Two to three MONTHS?!

I'm pretty sure my heart stopped for a second. 

I wanted to sob and squeal at the same time.  Strangest. Feeling. Ever.  Disappointment and excitement.  How do those emotions come at once?

I hung up annoyed.  They just don't understand how much of an emotional roller coaster this whole process is, and that's probably so selfish for me to even think that.  I am just selfishly so ready to get past this. 

At the same time, I'm grateful to have a couple more months of him just like he is.  No fear of what surgery will do to him.  

So for now, he won't be able to start preschool.  We'll do some preschool at home and enjoy soaking up the rest of summer.  We'll figure out all that hard stuff later...there's plenty of time for that.  

The rash is getting much better!  It actually looks worse in this pic than it does at this very moment.  We're pretty sure it was the cleaner (Chloroprep) they used on him and are working on getting some to test him again.  His skin was aggravated more by the adhesive.  They can use Betadine on him for surgery if this is what he's allergic to.  Thank you so much to those of you who shared your experiences and insight on the rash.  It stinks that so many kids have this reaction!!

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens..." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Only His timing is perfect; that we do know.


Interesting Complications

Strange complications from a heart cath....

a day of insanely red and itchy eyes,

and a wild rash two days later.

The circle I know is from the leads, but the other thing...not sure.  We're leaning towards maybe the cleaner they used before the cath since it's on his chest

and neck too.

We're on a quest to find out what they used to make sure this doesn't happen during surgery!  His pediatrician is on it and called us tonight to check on him.  I love knowing my boy is in good hands!

Other than that, which is bother me more than it is him, he's fabulous!