A Mini Bucket List & An Unexpected Twist

I like to plan.  Now, I'm definitely a procrastinator, but I like having a plan and knowing what's coming next.  Justin says our calendar is my brain...and he's probably pretty close.   It has been seriously difficult feeling like I could only plan a week or two in advance over the last six months or so.  But thankfully we have a DATE!  I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't change because OMG that would really throw a kink in things.

Especially since we also have another date.

Yep.  Same type of date, different person.  It's Justin this time.  Thankfully it's nothing even remotely close to open heart surgery, but my man has to have some surgery done on his foot.  

On September 18.  

13 days before Derrick's surgery. 

Things could get interesting here at the Carter house.  

Honestly, it's great timing.  Justin will have his surgery the week we go into isolation.  He has a week to be pitiful and lie around then hopefully be feeling good enough to sit around at the hospital for a while.  He'll be out of work for 6 weeks, which will hopefully get us home and settled after Derrick's surgery.  The timing here may not be able to be more perfect.  

We know the timing of all of this is definitely a God thing.   There's no way we could orchestrate all of this on our own.  While it makes me a little nervous, Justin is stoked that he doesn't have to stress about leaving us in Charleston to go back to work (hopefully!!) and he doesn't have to use every bit of his vacation time sitting in the hospital. 

So, since things will really get crazy around here, Derrick came up with a mini, pre-surgery bucket list.  We hope to accomplish many of these things by our last day of freedom on September 16th.

Derrick's bucket list::
1.  Go to Chuck E Cheese
2.  Go see Planes
3.  Have a picnic at the park
4.  Go to the water park
5.  See Poppie, Nona, Jake and Gong Gong 
6.  Go to the library
7.  Go to the zoo
8.  Go camping and roast marshmallows
9.  Have movie and pizza night
10. Go see Epic

We may have to get a little creative with #4 considering this is the last week for the water park and the weather has been a little cool.  I'm not sure why he put #5 on the list since we see them often, but we will make a special trip to see them just because he asked.  So there we have it.  Gotta get that calendar out and start planning!

I know two things that should get crossed off the list tomorrow.  :)


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