It's Here.

Wow.  It's Fontan Eve Eve.  How did September end so quickly!?  I'm pretty sure we skipped a few days in there somewhere!  A friend asked me a few days ago if this week was flying by.  It's insane how quickly the past two weeks have passed. I have never in my life wanted to stop time so badly.  But then at the same time if I could hit fast forward I would do that too.  We've been so busy lately that there really hasn't been a lot of time to wallow in the emotions of what's coming. I guess that's a good thing? 

This afternoon we loaded up the car, said  'see ya later' to our sweet girl, and headed to Charleston with the little guy.  We're at our home away from home snuggled up on bean bags watching VeggieTales.  

We don't have internet so this is short and sweet but If I didn't update a little I'd be getting calls and texts, so this is for y'all. :)  we made it safely to Charleston, had a fantastic evening with Derrick, and are hitting the hay soon to rest up for a looooog day of pre-op fun at the hospital tomorrow.  I have lots of pics to share from our day but I can't get them off the computer so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. 

Until then, we ask for your prayers for a good day tomorrow without a lot of anxiety for Derrick. He is starting to get a little nervous.  Tomorrow should be pretty painless other than the blood draws that we haven't told him are coming yet. We will, ahead if time, but it's not worth stressing him out until we have to.  So please pray for him to handle tomorrow like the champ he is, and please also pray that we feel confident and comfortable with his surgeon.  Dr Hsia, who has touched his heart twice, moved right after the last surgery.  We're handing him over to someone new on Tuesday and I'd like to feel that same level of comfort we had with Dr Hsia. 

Thank you, friends, for loving our boy, and for loving us. It's incredible the amount of support we have received over the past two weeks.  We are blessed for sure.  Thank you!!

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