Surgery #1 For the Carter Boys....Justin's Turn

I just sent my man back for his surgery.

He should be back within the next hour and a half or so and hopefully we'll be headed home by around 3:00.  I can handle surgeries like this!

Before we left this morning JK had a request.

Daddy is the nail tech around here and it's JK's favorite thing to have him do with her.  Jenny Kate has pretty much had painted nails since Christmas and I've done it once.  He doesn't realize it, but he's creating a monster.  She'll be sweet talking him into pedicures at the salon for the two of us before we know it! :)

Looking at these pics you can see what's been keeping us busy lately.  New floors!  We've been waiting for these since we bought the house three years ago.  Yay!  But oh, they haven't come without their share of baggage.  As we Justin and his dad were tearing out the tile in the kitchen to prepare for the new floors.... 

we found a surprise.  MOLD.  And then when we tore up the old laminate in the dining room guess what we found?  MOLD.  Ugh!  

Thankfully, the problem was coming from where the original owners added on the garage.  Rain was running right in and eating away the OSB.  Isn't it lovely?
 That's an outside view of the dining room.  All that was done was pull the siding off and we had this beautiful view.  Apparently shortly after our house was built it became code to wrap a house in waterproofing.  Unfortunately, they didn't feel the need to wrap this one.  Guess who will be?!  I mean, I wanted to replace the siding but....!!  

Thankfully the only places we've found it are the kitchen and dining room, and it's been a relatively small area that was repaired by our dads in one day.  I'm pretty sure ever since we bought this house my dad has been regretting he's good at construction.  :)  We're also very thankful that we found the mold and the problem, because it could have been really bad.  

My dad asked me why in the world we chose to do all of this right now.  Legit question.  We ordered the floors two MONTHS ago and they arrived a little over a week ago.  I'll admit I'm usually nesting before surgery, but typically you'd find me rearranging my kitchen cabinets, not completely destroying the entire house.  I mean, we couldn't let the floors just sit in a big pile in our house and wait for life to slow down.  We're both slightly impatient and that just couldn't happen. 

Our hope is that Justin feels well enough after today's surgery to get back at it soon.  He can sit and snap in floors! ;)  We only have the dining room, kitchen and pantry left and the goal is to have it all finished, cleaned, and completely put back together by next Wednesday.  All while Justin hobbles around on one foot.  We want to be able to snuggle and play Candy Land and whatever else our kiddos want to do until we leave for D's surgery on Sunday.  It will happen, I guarantee it!

On another note, today is our first official day of isolation (as Justin and I are at the hospital...I know!).  D got his flu shot yesterday and was crying of a headache last night and this morning.  Please pray for him.  I'm hoping its a combo of the shot and the dust that's bothering him and that he's back to normal by tonight or in the morning.  The thought of him being sick right now makes me nauseated and want to curl up in a ball and cry!

I'll update on our hobbling man later ! :)