Home, Sweet Home!

I have never, ever been as excited to go home as I was yesterday!!  We were in the hospital for 16 days after Derrick was born, and when they told us it was time to go we were terrified! This sixteen day stay we were begging to go home! 

I can't resist posting this picture of leaving day. He was all over 8D as we got ready to leave. He was a totally different child!

D took his neighbor one of his balloons before we left. She told Justin Derrick was her "best friend here." So sweet!! We really hope she ended up going home today!  

Bye bye MUSC!!

When we got home we were greeted with some fun surprises. We also had a surprise of a big pumpkin and beautiful mum that i didn't get pics of.  I'll also have to take pics of a special little something D had waiting. We seriously have the best friends ever!!

(Don't mind he dead plants.  We don't use the front door very often and I forget how bad the front porch looks!)

Justin's dad brought JK home but he didn't tell her we were there. We hid then jumped out to surprise her and she was thrilled to see us!!!  I've never seen her so excited before.  She ran to me and said, " I missed you mommy! Did you paint your nails? Can we go to your bedroom and paint my nails?"  Ha! 

She has been very concerned with how D has felt and asks him if he's ok every now and then.  After about five minutes of us all being here it felt as if we'd never left. They fell right into their normal playing-fighting-playing routine as if they'd never been apart. 

Bedtime was a little rough, but we expected it would be. Derrick did pretty well, but Jenny Kate...man she put up a fuss!  
Neither of them had slept alone for almost two and a half weeks and I guess considering the circumstances they did ok.  He did anyway.  I'm really hoping tonight is better!

Derrick has been a lot more low key today. Yesterday afternoon he went wild, just being so happy to be here.  This morning he woke up crying about his leg hurting.  The first thing I thought about was a clot! After looking at it and rubbing on it and asking him a few more questions we thought he may have had a cramp.  Justin called the hospital for reassurance and to check his potassium levels, but they had been fine.  They said the soreness was normal, after all, he did lie in a bed for over two weeks. We think he over did it yesterday.  After this morning he was fine the rest of the day.  A little guarded, but still running around doing a lot of what he's wanted to do.  He's pretty much back to his old self and we're so happy to have the old D back!! 

That's pretty much it for now.  We have yet to really unpack but we'll get there eventually.  We've just been hanging out, enjoying the fresh air, and trying to keep this boy satisfied with fat free foods.  I think I may document his eating here because I have a few pretty good recipes we've had so far.  It's so hard to figure out something decent that barely has any fat in it.  We have some awesome friends who have searched and created some yummy stuff that he can eat and I'll probably post it here so it can possibly be helpful to someone else, and so I can remember it myself.  :)

We have a cardiologist appointment tomorrow.  Hopefully things still look equally as good or better than they did Wednesday! I'll keep you posted.


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