Post Fontan :: Day 13 :: Entertainment

Today we are officially two weeks out from surgery.  Kind of hard to believe, really!  

Our friends Julie, Branham, and Brody visited this morning.  They brought Hungry, Hungry Hippos, which we've been playing with all day!  Julie also brought D some fat free pumpkin muffins, which was super sweet.  :)  We had so much fun visiting with them!  Thanks for coming, y'all!  I hate I forgot to take a picture!

Derrick got mail today too.  Boy was he excited!  Inside the card was $2 for a doughnut from Ms Beth!!  You know how much D loves his Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  I predict that's the first place he'll request to go when he's off his diet.  It's so funny how well people know him and his food.  Right after surgery he got doughnut money from his buddy Jack and a Taco Bell card from his friend Gammon.  It makes me laugh because now when we tell him, "No" to his favorite things he can really say he has his own money for them!  Thanks, y'all!

Today, medically speaking, has been like most of the rest.  It's just a hurry up and wait thing.  Today at least, in our waiting, we got some entertainment by Clemson's "Tigeroar" group.  Picture the Warblers from Glee and that was them exactly, just dressed in orange.  They were a nice change and they were really good, which was surprising since they're Tigers and all.  ;)  I'm kidding!

We had a front row seat. 

They hung around and chatted for a while.  At first D wouldn't talk to them, but he finally warmed up.  He had them chasing paper airplanes all over the place by the time they left. 

My boys are kind of obsessed with making paper airplanes right now. 

When we got off the elevator Bristol the therapy dog was there.  Her owner said they had just stopped by our room to visit, but we were downstairs.  D was happy he got to see Bristol after all. Seeing these therapy dogs really makes us miss our pups!

Our neighbor that I mentioned yesterday came over to play today.  Derrick really had fun with her!  They played Hungry Hungry Hippos then we all played Yahtzee Jr together.  It was fun.  It was cool for Derrick to see someone else, especially older, with a special heart almost just like his.  He had his dressings changed today and she was in here and she talked him through it.  She was so encouraging and knew exactly what he was going through.  I think he really trusted what she was saying, which was pretty neat.  They had this special little bond. 

Other than that we've just been hanging out.  Waiting and hoping that this drainage stops SOON!!  We're ready to go and we miss Jen! 

As it has been for the past few days, our prayer request is for this drainage to stop. 

Thank you!!

And PS, thank you for all of your kind words about yesterday's post.  :) 

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