30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 1 :: Rain

Yep, I'm attempting this again.  Last year I failed...at putting it all here at least.  Focusing my thoughts on being thankful for the little, everyday things, puts me in a different mindset.  

So, here we go again. :)

30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 1 :: Rain

Of course I'm thankful for rain for the obvious reasons, but a rainy afternoon with all four of us home with nothing major to do for the next few hours....Ahhhh! I love it. I love the sound of the rain.  I love sitting on the screened porch watching it come down and listening to the kids squeal as they run all over the yard getting wet. And how they love playing in the rain with their "rainbows."  I'm not sure whey they're calling them rainbows instead of umbrellas, but sometimes I can't bring myself to correct them.  It's too cute for now.

Here's to a lazy afternoon filled with wet clothes, squeals, and "rainbows." These days don't happen often enough!

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