30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 13 :: Warmth

It's been chilly here.  Way too chilly for this southern girl, anyway.  They're calling for temps in the 20s tonight, which is way too cold for SC in November!  I'm so thankful that I can sit on my couch (shhh, the kids are sleeping!!) and enjoy the warmth of the fire as I wait for Justin to come home.  We were preparing to put our Operation Christmas Child boxes together earlier and I was talking to Derrick about why we were making them.  As we looked through the socks we talked about how the kids who receive our boxes may have cold feet and we could help them stay warm by giving them socks.  It's heart breaking to think about children being cold.  It almost feels unfair to sit here by the toasty fire with kids upstairs snuggled in their warm beds.  Being warm is one of the many things I often take for granted.  So tonight, on this frosty November night, I'm extra thankful that we're all (almost) home, warm and toasty.

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