30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 14 :: Generous People

Back in August I was invited to speak at the W.I.R.E. meeting for the Newberry Electric Coop about Hope for BraveHEARTS.  Let me start by saying I hate public speaking.  Like...despise it.  I can talk in front of kids all day, but put a group of adults in front if me and I'm a nervous wreck. A shaky, babbling mess. Anyway, I went, but only because I love HBH.  I was greeted by some sweet, welcoming ladies and the experience  ended up being a great opportunity to spread the word about CHDs and precious heart babies.  

Fast forward three months and they invited me back, but this time to collect some goods.  And boy did they have a lot to share!!

There were four six foot tables FILLED with goodies for baskets!!  What a blessing!!  Thank you, NEC WIRE for your generosity!! You all rock!!

And I must say, we have two amazing women who shop for BraveHEART Basket goodies all year long and we're insanely grateful for them too!  Getting donations for baskets means we get to donate more to research! :). That's definitely a win-win! 

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