30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 3 :: Church

30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 3 :: Church

Today was our first day back at church.  We are waiting a couple more weeks to send D to Sunday school, but it was nice to be able to go to church service.  It's been seven weeks and boy have we missed it!  Being back made me realize I missed it way more than I thought I did.  Today was All Saints Sunday; the day you remember everyone in the church who passed the year before. 

Wow, it was emotional.  

It was emotional to watch the sadness on the faces of the people around us who's loved ones' names were called.  It was emotional, too, to be able to be so thankful that Justin, Derrick and I were sitting there, together.  There were many days of sitting through the service prior to October 1 that I wondered what was to come for our family.  I'd be a big fat liar if I said I didn't worry that we would have to go back to church without our boy.  There's no way to ever put into words how incredibly thankful I am that we were all there together today.  

The past few years we've made some great friends at Union.  We have an amazingly supportive, fun Sunday School class and so many great people surrounding us there.  It's not the "home" church I grew up in, but it's definitely a great fit for our whole family now and we're so happy to be there...and to be back!  

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