30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 7 :: Good Times

30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 7 :: Good Times

I've had lots of good times.  Lots of different kinds of good times.  Looking back over all the years, I think the best good times consist of being with people I love with lots of laughter and conversation.  The picture above was taken on one of Derrick's "Bucket List" dates (which I really will blog someday).  This photo screams good times to me, so it seemed perfect for today.

Some of the best conversations I've had have been with our kids.  Derrick likes to have deep conversations at night.  It's probably really a procrastination tool, and we typically fall for it, but it's important and often entertaining.  A few snippets of recent conversations:

D: When am I going to get get my kids?
Me: What do you mean, get your kids?
D: You know, my kids.  Like me and Jenny Kate are kids.  When am I going to get mine?  I'm ready to get my kids.
Me: Well, you usually don't get your kids until after you get married.  Who are you going to marry?
D: You.
Me: Nope, can't marry me.  I'm your mommy, plus, I'm already married to daddy.
D:  Jenny Kate?
Me: Nope, she's your sister.  You can't marry your sister.  
D:  Well, then I'll marry Katelyn.  (We're guessing from preschool last year??)
Me:  Ok, where are y'all going to live?
D:  We'll live here.  You and daddy have to move out.  We're going to get three kids and I will work at Rite Aid like daddy.  I'm just ready to get my kids.

He's got a plan and he won't need us.  I can't argue with that!

D: When you're dead are you alive like us?
Me: No, when you die you go to Heaven.
D:  Well how do you get there?
Me: You have to love Jesus.  When you die your body is buried and you get to go to Heaven and live.  
D: You don't drive there?!
Me: No, you don't drive to Heaven, God takes you there.  
D:  But snakes can eat you if you're in the ground.
Me: No, you're buried in a coffin and nothing can get to you to eat you.
D: So nothing can eat you?  Oh, ok.  

It's getting deep here...



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