30 Days of Thankfulness :: Days 18 & 19 :: Self Defense & Kiddie Accomplishments

30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 18 :: Self Defense

My friend Shannon recently got certified to teach a women's self defense course called SASS, and she invited a whole bunch of her girlfriends together to be her first class.  All of the maneuvers are built around the strength and movement of the female body, and are highly effective.   The local police women, SWAT team, and State Trooper women have all gone through SASS, so it's pretty serious!  The class was awesome, she was awesome!  I never would have pictured this sweet, cute, southern girl to be so fierce!  It was empowering to be there.  It was eye opening, and honestly kind of scary to think about all of the different ways in which a woman can be attacked.    I need to be practicing on Justin!  Pretend, of course.  :)  Shannon, I'm so thankful you asked me to be a part of this class and am grateful for the knowledge and power you've given me! :)  

(No pic for this one...we were kicking booty, no time for pics!)


30 Days of Thankfulness :: Day 19 :: Kiddie Accomplishments

We enjoyed soaking up some vitamin D today while never getting out of our pj's.  :)  My girl has very recently learned to pedal her bike!  She had absolutely no interest in it what so ever until we cleaned out the garage.  Once the kids had room to ride around "by themselves" while I cooked dinner, she decided she was ready...right after we put her "big bike" away because she had absolutely no interest in it.  Now she's always asking to go ride and is so proud of herself!  I love it.    And all of the credit goes to Bubba for teaching her.  Even sweeter!

And Derrick, with his self proclaimed obsession with Spider Man, has decided he's ready to climb trees.  We had to walk around the yard looking for a tree for him to climb.  I have no doubt that he'll be climbing trees with no low branches very soon.  After all, he is a super hero waiting to get his powers.  He's asked me countless times in the last week when he will get his powers...maybe tree climbing will be included.  And shoes just get in the way in case you were wondering.  What he doesn't realize is that he is a super hero, just not in a way he realizes. 
I love being able to watch these babies grow!!

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