We're on the way to some Christmas festivities but I wanted to do a quick little update.  First if all, thank you so much for all of your prayers for our boy!! Y'all are awesome!

Today went well.  Derrick looked and sounded good and there's NO FLUID!! Yay!! That means he's free of yucky chyle and he can eat and continue I to heal and grow! 

 Speaking of growing....

It was so awesome to clean out the fridge and get rid of these yucky things!

Derrick is up four pounds and 1.25 inches since his post op check up in the middle of October!  What!?  That's HUGE growth for Derrick.  Huge!

His sats were at 92 today.  We haven't been checking them at home at all, so I have no idea where he's been since our last appointment.  92 isn't bad, it's actually very normal for a fenestrated Fontan, but he was at 96-ish the last two times we were there and we were thinking the fenestration may be closed.  We're thinking now maybe not.  That isn't an issue at all, it's very normal, but I have to admit I had an ick feeling after that.  Felt a little let down, which I know is silly.  They couldn't see his fenestrstion on the echo today, but couldn't see it on the discharge echo at the hospital either, probably because of his funky placement in that wild little heart of his.  

Anyway, all went well and we celebrated by letting him spend his doughnut money at Krispy Kreme!   D's friends know how much he loves KK, so thank you Ms Beth and Jack!!  They both sent him doughnut money while he was in the hospital and he loved spending it today!! :). Thanks y'all!!

We also stopped to see Santa but those pics are in the big camera so they'll come eventually.  

Thank y'all SO much for praying for our boy!!!!  

Merry Christmas!! :)


A Prayer Request!

I know I've been a little MIA lately, but just know that from us, no news is good news!  😃

We've thoroughly enjoyed the last two weeks of not counting fat grams and eating like normal people.  Ok, maybe way too much, but that's neither here nor there.  Tomorrow is a big day, and once again, I would really appreciate your prayers for my boy. 

Tomorrow he has his cardiologist follow-up.  He'll have a chest X-ray to make sure his chylothorax has healed.  Please pray that he gets the "all clear!" to continue to eat normally!  We've seen a great improvement in his appetite and desire to eat since having surgery and I can't stand the thought of limiting his foods again.  It broke my heart when he told me, "Mommy, it isn't fair that you won't let me have fat."  I desperately don't want to do that again.  We can do it if we have to, but what a wonderful Christmas gift it would be to be released from all worries of all that is the Fontan...the anticipation and the aftermath.  

Thank you, friends, for praying for our boy!!  Just knowing that he has extra prayers gives us a level of comfort that I can't explain.  

We had dinner tomoght at Lizards Thicket...you know, just in case.  😉