Dance Class

Tonight was my girl's first tap/ballet class.  She was excited, but I was more excited!  I couldn't wait to see her little self in her "uniform" as Derrick called it. 

There are 5 girls in her class.  It was the cutest thing ever to see all of them in their little tights and leotards.  Unfortunately the teacher kicked us all out politely asked us to all wait outside in the hallway during class.  Bummer!  I can't wait to see what they're doing in there!  Surely they're not going to make us wait until May to find out!! 

When we got in the car I asked JK if she liked dance. "Yeah, I like it.  I like Miss Meredith.  She didn't cry.  I tried not to cry and I didn't.  And I jumped really high.  I like my dance class." 

I guess it's a winner so far! :)