Our Newest Addition

Jenny Kate has been asking for a cat for some time now.  My mom has two cats that D and Jk both love (and love to harass) so we promised her she could get a kitten after surgery.

I'll admit, I was hesitant.  Something else to take care of didn't sound super appealing to me.  When I was growing up I brought home animals all the time.  I even snuck one home once...now I get it mom! Another mouth to feed, a litter box, more vet bills, scratching up furniture, HAIR....not exciting to me at all.

Finally, to keep myself off the "mean" list, I gave in.  How could I not when it was 3-1?  

So we set out to find our newest family member.  Justin scoured the animal shelter websites for potential kitties trying to find the perfect fit for us.  My request of a non-shedding cat wasn't taken seriously, but our mission to save a kitty was.  We headed to a local animal shelter that euthanized.  If we were adding to our herd (we have 5 dogs) we were saving one from the unthinkable!

The kids were stoked.  Justin was stoked.  I was hesitant.  

We walked into the animal shelter and saw the babies.  They had four kitties who were about 15 weeks old.  We went in the "cat room" to play with them and make our decision.  It was easy.  Out of the four, this girl on top, came right to us asking for a home.



Bless her heart.  For the first week I don't think she ever walked anywhere at all.  She didn't have a chance.  The kids carried her everywhere!  They took her to her bowl, to the litter box, to her bed.  You name it, she was carried.  She didn't seem to mind a bit.  We've had to go over some proper carrying techniques, but other than that, the kids have been pretty good with her.  We say, "leave the cat alone!" a minimum of 32 times a day, but we do have a 4 year old and a 2 year old so I'm guessing that's normal.

She has been a hit, I tell you!!

She watches TV,

Takes after-work naps late at night,

tolerates being treated like a human baby,

and loves sleeping in her basket.

She is somewhat insane.  I got out of the shower one morning and sat on a stool in the bathroom.  Penny decided my head was much cozier than my lap.

She relishes the quiet once the kids have gone to bed and enjoys choosing her own place to snuggle.  We both do. :)

We love her to pieces!  She is the perfect cat for our family.  She's snugly, calm, hasn't scratched or hissed at a child or dog, and she hasn't even been shedding much at all...well, yet at least.  I'm sure when summer comes that will be a whole different story, but she's in now.  We all love her!

Today she went for her surgery.  When I told Derrick that she wouldn't be home tonight he got a little upset.  He did NOT want her to have surgery!  I walked into my bedroom where he was holding her and I heard him saying, "It's ok, Penn.  You're going to have surgery but you only have to stay one night.  It won't be that bad, you don't have to stay a long time like I did when I had surgery.  It will be ok."  

It made me sad that he could relate so much...that he even knows what the heck surgery means, but also, I'm glad he understands.  He's a wise little boy with a big ol heart.  I know he'll be a good little nurse for her when she gets home tomorrow.  And he'll force Jenny Kate to be one too.  

As they were leaving to take her this morning JK kept talking about Penny going for her heart surgery.  Sweet girl.  She knows too much too!  They said the sweetest prayer for her before she left.  Gosh, I love those babies!  And I love seeing them love and care for others.  Makes my mama heart happy!


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