You know it's time to update the blog when your mama asks why you haven't updated lately!

We've been enjoying the summer swimming, playing at the beach, watching movies and just hanging out.   I have a bizillion pictures and posts, and actually think about blogging almost every single day, I just can't seem to make myself sit down and do it.  This is a super quickie because I wanted to share something you may be interested in.

 I promise to be back soon to share pictures!  Pinky swear!

Our 5th Annual Hope for BraveHEARTS Golf Tournament is tomorrow!!  We're stoked and praying hard that it doesn't rain tomorrow!!  We have an online silent auction that some of you may be interested in, so I wanted to share it.  It's only open online until 7am tomorrow morning but will remain open at the tournament until the last golfers finish.  If you're a Facebooker, here's the link.  There's some really good stuff there so go check it out!

If you don't have anything to do tomorrow come join us for golf (teeing off at 9am) or lunch around 1pm.  We'd love to have you! And if you're there you can continue to bid on your favorite items!  Here's more info on the tournament.

And because I must share a pic...

This was a few weeks ago when we were at Hilton Head.  The kids had a blast hanging with their cousin Carter.  More to come, for real! ;)

P.S.  Excuse the messed up look of the blog.  I started working on a new look and got side tracked...the story of my life! Oops!



  1. How was your Hilton Head vacay?! I always love hearing from my blog friends when they're in town. Next time! :)

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