Happy FONTAN-iversary, Derrick!

As I stepped out of the shower this morning I heard the pounding of two little feet running down the hallway.  They belonged to a little boy who had proudly gotten himself dressed and ready for school.  He quickly melted into tears over having to brush teeth and change his shirt (we just couldn't do stained Lightning McQueen on picture day...mean mommy!) but really because he was up way too early and let's be honest, there's still some anxiety there about "school-school."   As I watched him squirm on the floor, crying off and on with the frustration of still being sleepy yet choosing to be awake before the sun was awake, I was reminded of the many tears we all shed last October 1.

Much like his today, mine last October 1st were tears of frustration of a way too early morning, tears of the feeling of complete loss of control, and lots of tears over the anxiety of what the day would hold.

As I looked back over the posts I wrote this time last year all of those same feelings came crashing back over me.  It's so hard to believe that it's been a whole year since we watched Derrick being wheeled off, heading to the OR for his third heart surgery.

Hands down, hardest moment ever.

The funny thing is, at the same time, its nearly impossible to believe it's only been a year!  Life has moved so far past those seemingly endless days in the hospital.  Thank you Jesus!

Today is a day worth celebrating!  Last October 1st, as difficult as it was, Derrick was truly given a new chance at life.  He tired easily and was short of breath simply walking up the stairs.   Today he LOVES to ride his bike, play baseball, ride his scooter...oh, how he loves to RUN!  He seriously loves to run.  We never, ever saw that one coming!  And he's finally growing!  Derrick has gained around 7 pounds and grown almost 4 inches over the past year.  That's HUGE for our little guy!

As much as we didn't want it, the Fontan was exactly what he needed.  And as hard as it is to dig up those memories, he sure has come a long way!

October 1, 2013

October 1, 2014

Happy Fontan-iversary, my sweet, strong, brave boy!  We are so proud of you and what you've overcome!

Our God is an awesome God!!!