Wear Red and Other HEART Stuff!

Hello friends!

I wanted to make sure all of you locals know (insanely last minute...that's how I roll) that tomorrow is the BREAKFAST!! 

I promise to update on all things Hope for BraveHEARTS after the breakfast.  It was a great year full of tons of support and we hope this year is even better! 

We were excited to all wear red today in honor of our little guy!  If you wore red today in honor/memory of a special heart we would love to see the pictures!  You can post them on instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #BraveheartsWearRed  #HopeforBravehearts and/or #wearredforderrick. 

Thanks for all of your support! 

I'm seriously hoping that running around at the breakfast tomorrow sends me into labor and I have a sweet little squishy baby boy face to share with you SOON!  :)



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