P52: 2 Compromise

Homeschooling isn't quite what I pictured it would be.  I love it, don't get me wrong. But we have days where I want to throw in the towel, grab a backpack and make a drop-off to the nearest elementary school!  Most days really are ok, but some are just...well, they're not good sometimes.  On occasion I have to use leverage to get the work done, and this week that was necessary.  D was stoked to do some work in his fort!  And if it wouldn't have taken up the entire space we would have left it there for a daily treat.  But life happens, and you have to walk through rooms, so forts can't always stay.  That's ok though, because it will hold excitement much longer...and maybe help us get through some more assignments!

This picture was taken this past weekend in our new "howse."  We were there cleaning up and decided that we would write this verse on the floor so it would always be in our home.  I absolutely love this picture, and I was going to use it for P52 this week but I couldn't come up with any words.  Then I remembered, sometimes pictures don't need words, they speak for themselves. 


  1. I understand. I have those days too where I would like to put them on a bus! I've heard it gets easier when they can really read on their own . . . :-)