An enormous 
to the sweetest baby I know!


You are seriously the sweetest baby we've had.  As long as you're fed and with your people you're a happy, content, snuggly, busy guy.  I know you haven't made it here on this blog very often, but I promise it's not because of a lack of love.  We adore you, your brother and sister adore you.  I really don't think you could be loved more.  

Happy birthday, my sweet Ry-guy (or Boo or Boozie.)

We love you to the moon and back!!

Mommy, Daddy, Bubba & Jen



P52:3 Broken Hearts

We are so excited that the third grade at LME (my elementary alma mater! :) has chosen to to collect items for BraveHEART Baskets as their service project.  Their teacher had told them all about Derrick and they were so excited to meet him!  It was such a special experience and I loved hearing Derrick raise awareness for CHD in his own special way.

And speaking of BraveHEARTS....it's that time of year again!  If you're local and free tomorrow morning, we'd LOVE for you to come have breakfast with us!

AND...today is national WEAR RED day!  Are you wearing red in honor/memory of someone?  If you are, share it!  It's the very best way to teach others about special hearts!